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Prayer Shawls

Welcome to Prayer Shawls where you will find one of the largest collections of Prayer Shawls also called the tallit available. We include a Free 30 minute Teaching/Demonstration DVD. with the purchase of any prayer shawl

We have Prayer Shawls for everyone. Men, Women and children. We offer Traditional Jewish Prayer Shawls or Tallits that come in all colors and sizes, specialty Shawls such as the Elijah and Elisha Prayer Shawls, Ruth and Boaz Prayer Shawls, Queen Esther and the Woman of Excellence Prayer Shawls. These specialty Talits have matching brushed velvet bags with matching designs of what is on the prayer shawls to store them available to purchase.

We are very excited to be able to introduce a new prayer shawl. It is the Messianic Prayer Shawl. The writing on the crown comes in both English and Spanish. It comes with a free Prayer Shawl bag to store it in.
It has the blue thread in the Tzit-Tzits included which is a $20.00 value.

Any Prayer Shawl that you purchase comes with free information about the history of the Prayer Shawl
and some interesting facts about this most sacred emblem of the Jewish faith. You will also receive a Free $10.00 value Teaching/Demonstration DVD. that gives explanation about the prayer shawl and Jewish customs surrounding it.

We also offer different styles of Prayer Shawl clips to keep your shawl around your shoulder as you move around. We have kippa's also called yarmulkahs.

We have been in business since 1996. If you have purchased from us before you will know that we offer a100% satisfaction guarantee and fast delivery service. We have built our ministry/business with the helping hand of the Lord, and developing a wonderful relationship with our customers. If you have questions we are only a phone call away.

Chai (Life) Prayer Shawl (TCI)
Jerusalem Prayer Shawl

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